Pretty Gritty #17 / Provenance

Sunday Dec 4, 2016

of most excellent provenance

Guest programmer Stuart Buchanan

The final Pretty Gritty for 2016 teams up with the most excellent record label Provenance, the latest most excellent venture by the tireless Stuart Buchanan, to offer a small sampling of the most excellent stable of innovative altpopelectronicaambientdroneexotica.

In a split set (like a split album — it’s a new thing as of now) Lortica will morph himself into When We Never offering his hypertextured, super-psych drone dreamscapes. Hiking up the Hume from the ACT, Shoeb Ahmad will bliss us away with his shimmering guitar and spacey pop deconstructions. Finally Medicine Voice’s transcendent vibrations will send us into the sublime as she launches her hypnotic new single.

$12 full / $10 Concession
107 Projects
107 Redfern St, Redfern


Lortica & When We Never

As Lortica, Sydney producer Alister Hill has been quietly creating beautiful soundscapes from the tired remains of old cassette tapes and found sounds. Manipulated live with a 4-track recorder and effects pedals, Lortica shows an understanding and respect for the genre within which he falls but an irreverence for typical musical constructs. Following his debut album Mialle Tapes released on Phinery tapes (Denmark) and Feral Media (Australia) in 2014, Lortica has burrowed away to create a new tape-based method of composition incorporating dramatic digital manipulation contrasted with live tape dubs.

Shoeb Ahmad

A hero of the alternative Australian music scene, Canberra born singer and producer Shoeb Ahmad’s debut solo record, Watch/Illuminate, is a masterpiece of ambient drone and gorgeous minimal melodicism. His debut finds a perfect balance between spacey, cinematic soundscapes and delicate, chiming chill wave pop.

Shoeb appears on Provenance in the guise of Spartak, his duo with Evan Dorrian, and is also part of Tangents. Concurrent to his artistic practice, Shoeb has been curating and producing performances or exhibitions since 2007 through his activities with hellosQuare and now on a freelance basis.

Medicine Voice

Sar Friedman has been singing, recording and touring in various bands and experimental groups for over a decade – most notably serving time in Stephen McBean’s Pink Mountaintops, Leopard Leg, Melodie Nelson and known also for her solo work under the name of Heartswin.

As Medicine Voice, her album 'I & Thou' was the inaugural release on Provenance (vinyl & digital) and was described by The Wire as “a mesmerising musical vision quest.” provenancerecords

About Provenance

PROVENANCE is an Australian-based record label with a roster of leftfield, experimental and outsider artists.

PROVENANCE is curated by Stuart Buchanan (Resonance FM / FBi Radio / New Weird Australia).

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