Pretty Gritty #16

Sunday July 17, 2016


Matter, the "stuff" of the universe, in a constant state of flux—transforming, transmogrifying. For Pretty Gritty #16, this collection of conjurors takes cosmic chaos into their own hands, remaking and remodelling reality to their own desires. There will be magic music and mystical visions. There may even be celebratory dancing.

Darklord of numbers Dan MacKinlay will mathematically mangle Sundanese folk music into a beat-not-afraid new world order. Data wrangler Kynan Tan will manifest the complex systems of the known universe converting them into hitherto unknown audiovisual galaxies. Reantimatrix Marieke Verbiesen, dropping in from far northen climes, will create micro/macro worlds of wonder through her live Stop Motion visual virtuosity, accompanied by the sweet and sour vocals, disintegrating drones and broken beats of Gail Priest. And the actual, Actual Russian Brides present us with a high-GI wedding cake fantasia of sticky sonic wonder.

$12 full / $10 Concession
107 Projects
107 Redfern St, Redfern

Video excerpts

Pretty Gritty #16: Actual Russian Brides from Gail Priest on Vimeo.

Pretty Gritty #16: Gail Priest - sound, Marieke Verbiesen - live animation from Gail Priest on Vimeo.

Pretty Gritty #16: Kynan Tan from Gail Priest on Vimeo.

Pretty Gritty #16: Dan MacKinlay from Gail Priest on Vimeo.


Dan MacKinlay

Dan MacKinlay is a Sydney-based researcher in the abstract algorithm formulation of filthy electro bass, with special interest in the algebraic foundations of booty.

He just spent 6 months in Indonesia collaborating with folk musicians from various little-known traditions, such as ronggeng, karawitan, jipeng, and ketuk tilu. The western music software on his laptop sounded terribly dischordant with the subtle and ancient tuning systems of his Sundanese folk musician colleagues. This could have been an opportunity to adopt a new and broader perspective on non-Western musical theory.

Tragically, he ignored that opportunity. Instead, he has devised a system that takes the most ravishingly delicate and diverse timbres and harmonies, and crams them through the mincer of the 12 tone scale to emits hyperactive indo-pop. For Pretty Gritty he will be premiering this system, fed with a mixture of live sound, and freshly-dead ancient traditions.

The recordings for this were will be part of a larger collaborative project between Australian and Indonesian musicians, remixing each others’ work in the name of international understanding of phat beats.

Kynan Tan

Kynan Tan is an artist interested in networks, relationality and digital systems of control, exploring these areas through artworks that are themselves multi-sensory relational structures. These works engage with digital aesthetics, code and data, taking form as multi-screen audiovisual performances and installations, 3D-printed sculptures, sound, and kinetic artworks of electronic circuits, speakers and lights.

Marieke Verbiesen

Loud matter is a performance featuring live Stop Motion Animation created by Dutch artist and animator Marieke Verbiesen, who works with different projects in electronic arts.

Building up to a variety of eccentric animated loops, the animations form a playful, synchronised kinship with the music,
using animation as a live performative tool. Abstract narratives are created with paper cutouts, day-glow erasers, candy-canes and other identified and unindentied objects.

The performance shows loops of the evolving animated composition, bolstered by idiosyncratic movements,
kaleidoscopic outbursts & detonated velocity.

Gail Priest

Pretty Gritty ringmistress also makes sounds and occassionally programs herself. She is interested in releasing the hidden melodies and broken beats found in raw sonic material. She manipulates field recordings, random instruments and the tortured voice to create works that explore the fine line between pleasure and pain.  She has released albums on her own label Metal Bitch Recordings as well as Endgame Records and Flaming Pines.


Actual Russian Brides

Actual Russian Brides is an electronic pop duo with feet in Sydney and Berlin. Their debut long player Miss Sled is released on Brigade Music Berlin and the EP Wife Beats is out by Clan Analogue.

Actual Russian Brides’ music is an experimental blend of voice and machines: “a mix of arch performance and deep electronica” (Utility Fog). The live act delivers lyrical mayhem, whispers, grooves, scrapes and bangs, bespoke and immediate on analogue synths, samplers and live effects. Described by a blogger as “accurate and spellbinding”, Actual Russian Brides play the voices in your head and the beats in your heart.

In 2015 Actual Russian Brides curated Intone: Voice Abstractions, a compilation album of experimental electronic treatments of the human voice. Intone is available from Clan Analogue.