Pretty Gritty #18

Wednesday May 31, 2017

Guest Curator: Jasmine Guffond

It's a special, special Pretty Gritty — guest curated and happening on a school night!

Jasmine Guffond ([Berlin] of Minit, Jasmina Maschina and Alternahunk fame) is presenting some of her compadres from Berlin — Jessica Ekomane [FR/Berlin] and Silje Nes [NOR/Berlin] — along with some favourite locals (even if they keep coming and going from Melbourne) — Ela Stiles & Half High. It's going to be dark, droney and dreamy with the very strong possibility of utterly awesome!

$15 full / $12 Concession
107 Projects
107 Redfern St, Redfern


For PG #18 Jessica & Jasmine's travel is supported by the Goethe Institut.

107 Projects


For PG #18 Silje's travel is supported by Music Norway.


Jessica Ekomane

Jessica Ekomane was born in France. She now lives and works in Berlin.
Her practice unfolds around sound installations and music. She creates situations where the sound acts as a transformative element for the space and the audience. This informs her musical compositions which seek a cathartic effect alternating between noise and melody, and playing with our perception of rhythmical structures.

Silje Nes

Silje Nes, Norwegian musician and sound artist. Her work was first known to the public with the release of two albums on British label FatCat Records. In June we welcome the release of her self-released 7-inch «Superimpositions» on her own label Noko Ana. They feature two instrumental tracks combining electronic sound, field recordings, programming and the use of programmed kinetic sounding objects. Her music is a unique landscape, constantly moving yet always staying in place. The result is something resembling an organism, with a blurring of the line between technology and organic life. Taking interest in spacial and physical manifestations of sound, in her work she explores the creation of environments that will express a certain autonomy, removed from compositorial processes.

Half High

Half High is the project of Sydney based artists Lucy Phelan and MP Hopkins. The pair create a slightly damaged form of ambience that occasionally drifts towards harsh plateaus. Employing meditative synth lines, frayed electronics, processed guitar and atmospheric tape manipulation, Half High map a sonic terrain that is in parts alien and industrial, and in certain locations, tranquil and mesmerising.

Ela Stiles

Ela will be performing versions of songs from her last two albums using harmonium and voice. A departure from the usual heavily affected vocal layering of her electronic shows, this performance will focus on clear vocals backed by swirling harmonium drone.


Jasmine Guffond (guest curator)

Jasmine Guffond focuses on electronic composition across music and sound art contexts. Her practice spans live performance, recording and the capacity of sound installation to interrogate site. She has performed live internationally at music and electronic art festivals, exhibited sound installations, and recorded music for CD and 12inch vinyl releases with the Staubgold, Monika Enterprise and Sonic Pieces labels.