Pretty Gritty #15

Sunday May 8, 2016


It's right dark and moody—someone's done something bad and you're sitting around with a cigarillo and a whiskey thinking about how to find that man with the hat.

Maybe I've been reading too much 80s cyberfiction and listening to Raymond Chandler radio adaptations but for PG#15 we're heavy with smoky bar film grain "ambiance" filtered through the zips and zaps of 0/1 binaries—the good the bad and the processed.

Deft of digit and fleet of fragment, catfingers will set the tone with his sampled beats and apparitional fictions; Trinity's ambient dub with call us down to a shimmering underworld that puts the sub into subterranean; emeidos will algorithmically inveigle us with glitched-up pretty bits and bytes; and Jasmine Guffond's granular, glistening goodness will lure us onto a ledge of no return.

$12 full / $10 Concession
107 Projects
107 Redfern St, Redfern



Ashley Scott is a Sydney-based musician and artist.

Since the 1980s he has created music and sound for performance, broadcast and environments. Highlights include multichannel work installed at the Art Gallery of NSW and Powerhouse Museum and music written for ABC FM, The Song Company and Ensemble Offspring. He recently created the soundtrack for Deborah Pollard's 24-hour performance work 'Yowza yowza yowza' staged at the University of Wollongong.

His long-standing enthusiasm for sampling and beats is embodied in work created as catfingers, who has performed in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide with excursions to New Zealand and Cambodia.

Ashley is one half of Squidsilo, in collaboration with Julie Vulcan, creating work for performance, installation and the internet since 2010.


Trinity is a DJ, Live Act and Producer who divides her time crafting house and techno and DJing between Sydney and Berlin.

In her hometown of Sydney, Trinity runs her own night “4our” together with Magda Bytnerowicz which has carved a niche in Sydney’s underground scene by showcasing the likes of Peter Van Hoesen and Steffi.

Trinity has performed live and DJ’d all across Australia and is a regular fixture across Germany, where she resides in the European summer. Trinity has spun at clubs such as Harry Klein in Munich and Berlin’s Studio R, and unveiled her live techno set in the basement at Berlin’s fabled techno hub, Tresor. As a DJ and Live Act, Trinity explores different influences. Her fondness of ambient sounds was apparent throughout her live ambient dub podcast for Spielfeld.

Never one to rest on her laurels, Trinity’s first two solo records were released in 2015 with Detroit artists Eric Cloutier & Luke Hess contributing remixes to the releases. Trinity also released another EP that year in collaboration with Reggy Van Oers, which included 3 spaced-out techno jams, and has also been working with artists such as Patrice Scott, Steve Stoll, Daniela La Luz and Headless Horseman for further vinyl releases in 2016.


...assymetrical beats, acousmatic incursions and dense sonic textures, emeidos is the side-project of saxophonist, composer and technologist Ben Carey. Placing the saxophone to one side, as emeidos Ben's dark and wonky productions flirt with generative structures and off-kilter rhythms, whilst never straying too far from his electro-acoustic origins...

Jasmine Guffond

Jasmine Guffond is a sound artist and composer from Sydney, Australia, living and working in Berlin, Germany. She has performed live internationally, exhibited sound installations and recorded music for CD and 12inch vinyl releases with the Sigma Editions, Staubgold and Monika Enterprise labels. A new solo album, Yellow Bell was released on Sonic Pieces in January 2015.

Focused on working in site specific contexts and exploring new environments for music and sound performance, her recent projects were interventions that employed digital technologies, sonification and the aesthetisation of data as a means of generating discussion around contemporary surveillance technologies as well as producing experimental audio works.

Jasmine studied sound design for film at the Australian, Film, Television and Radio School in Sydney, Australia and has just completed the Sound Studies, master in arts program at the Universität der Künste, Berlin, Germany. She has worked as a sound designer for feature films in the Australian film industry, contributed music to film soundtracks and theatre, and works as a live sound engineer.